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for single serve packets, sachets and pillow packs

About FasPac
A proven effective, dependable resource:

100% of our business
is Form Fill and Seal (FFS)

Single Serve Packet, Sachet and Pillow Pack
Liquids, Lotions, Crèmes,
Gels and Dry Powders
Quality Control:
Strict compliance to FDA and cGMP’
Management Team:
90 years plus experience in FFS industry
Daily Mission:
Meet and exceed Client expectations!

What We Do

Why Packets, Sachets
or Pillow Packs?

Our “on-the-go society”
demands what they need,
when they need it!

Single serve fulfills that need…

for the end user
Increases shelf life
per serving - Unused product
is not left exposed
Proven effective for sampling
Great for Travel! 

Size servings meet air travel restrictions
Better weight and space ratios
for shipping

Consumer Markets
Nutraceuticals Cosmeceuticals
Foods Spices Condiments Drinks
Pet Care Pet Nutrition
Chemicals Car Care Detergents

Business Category
Multilevel Marketing Direct Selling
Private Label Grocery and Drug
Start up Companies
Raw Material Compounders
Film Companies Food Manufacturers
Cosmetic Companies
Chemical Companies


We package
almost anything
that pours

Single Pack Sizes:
Ranging from 1.75” x 1.50” to 6” x 9”
Liquids, Lotions, Gels, Powders, Granules, almost anything that pours.
Ranging from ½ gram to the practical fill of the Packet, Sachet or Pillow Pack.

3 or 4 Side Seal Packets…
Bottle Shaped Packets
Gusseted Bottom Packets
Pour Spouts

Squares Rectangles
Hanger Hole Punch, Embossed Lot Code, Bagging, Shrink Wrap,
Packout, Displays, Retail,
Point of Purchase

Quality Control

Our production suites are temperature
and humidity controlled. An independent certified laboratory performs aerobic plate count testing of all incoming materials and daily production. Additional testing is available to meet your specifications: stability, enrichment or chemical analysis.

All test results are
provided to the customer.

We are a fully licensed Food
and OTC drug packager.

Contact Us
Please contact us
by Phone, Fax or e-mail.

Toll Free: 1-877-225-9054
Fax: 1-972-831-8330
10685 King William Dr.
Dallas, TX 75220

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